Shalom Christian Missions
Shalom Christian Missions

Giving a One-time Gift

Thank you for considering a donation. If you'd like to your contribution to go to a particular project, please choose one from the menu below.

If you'd like to include a comment with your donation, you can do so at PayPal's site.

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Where does my money go?

College/University Scholarship Fund

This fund is for students who have completed our sponsor program and are approved to study at a college or university.

Community Aid for Covid-19

As Kenya braces to slow the spread of Covid-19, we are beginning to see our community struggle. The Kenyan government has issued orders for curfews, halting market days, and social distancing to fight the spread of this coronavirus, but the government has been unable to help sustain rural communities through these restrictions. In addition to caring for the children under our direct care, we want to be prepared to offer aid to those in our community who will face crisis as this pandemic moves closer to their homes.  

If you would like to donate in this way, choose "Community Aid” from the drop down menu. Anything that we might collect above what is needed to help the community will be put into our Breakfast Feeding Program when this crisis is over.

General Fund

When you donate to the general fund, you're helping us cover expenses in both America and in Kenya. The general fund is used wherever the need is greatest, including:

Operation Christmas Shoes

A $25 donation can purchase a new pair of school shoes, uniform, and socks for a child at the start of the new school year. For an orphan, partial orphan, or an extremely vulnerable child, this is like a dream come true. Most of these children do not have access to a proper education, and to have the privilege of walking into school with new shoes and clothes is such an honor.

Preschool Classroom Fund

We are building out new classrooms to replace the old overcrowded classrooms for our expanding preschool classes.