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Shalom Christian Missions
Case # NBCC 165
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Meet Beatrice

Beatrice is 13 years old. She was abandoned as a baby and taken in by a widower. When she was 2 years old he was killed in post election violence and she has be shuffled by relatives since then. She came to live at New Beginnings but is in need of a full or partial sponsor. Are you the answer to Beatrice prayers?

Sponsoring Beatrice provides her with a home, meals, medical care, and an education (school tuition, school supplies, activity fees). You can sponsor Beatrice fully or partially. Either way you’ll be making a huge difference in her life.

Full Sponsorship is $80/month. Just click the 'Sponsor Me for $80’ button to become a sponsor at this level!

Partial Sponsorship is $40/month. Partial sponsorship allows us to work together to find multiple sponsors to provide for the full needs of each child. To sponsor at this level click the ‘Sponsor Me for $40’ button!

If you prefer to write a check, please include the child's case number - NBCC 165 - on your check in the memo field. Make checks payable to Shalom Christian Missions, and mail them to:

    Shalom Christian Missions
    1255 Mill Creek Road
    York, PA 17404