Shalom Christian Missions
Shalom Christian Missions

Giving a One-time Gift

Thank you for considering a donation. If you'd like to your contribution to go to a particular project, please choose one from the menu below.

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Where does my money go?

Building Fund

The building fund covers new construction as well as repairing existing buildings. We have raised most of the funds needed for our preschool classroom and staff housing projects, and are collecting for the center's electricity upgrade, computer lab, and a safari vehicle for our new business.

College/University Scholarship Fund

This fund is for students who have completed our sponsor program and are approved to study at a college or university.

General Fund

When you donate to the general fund, you're helping us cover expenses in both America and in Kenya. The general fund is used wherever the need is greatest, including:

Next Step Program

Our Next Step Program supports formerly-sponsored young adults who have graduated and need some ongoing support to get to the next step. We bring these young people in to serve as interns and plan a further education route (college, trade schools, etc) to give them the tools they need to support themselves.

Operation Christmas Shoes

A $25 donation can purchase a new pair of school shoes, uniform, and socks for a child at the start of the new school year. For an orphan, partial orphan, or an extremely vulnerable child, this is like a dream come true. Most of these children do not have access to a proper education, and to have the privilege of walking into school with new shoes and clothes is such an honor.

Soccer uniforms

Our girls high school soccer team has taken first place in the local and sub-county tournaments. They will go on to compete in the county tournament and have really requested that they have real soccer shoes and New Beginnings uniforms.We have agreed that this should really be the case for this team. We would like to be able to purchase uniforms and shoes for both our girls and boys soccer teams. The cost for each team will be about $700. If you would like to give to see this dream happen, consider a gift today! Thanks for your help!

Vehicle Fundraiser

A vehicle will serve us by carrying the supplies we will need for the center and the store, carrying children to various activities, and helping to transport small teams and/or luggage when teams arrive.  More information