Shalom Christian Missions
Shalom Christian Missions

Preschool Expansion Fundraiser

Hello Friends, We are so grateful to everyone who gave to help us finish our primary and secondary schools last year!

Our schools are going strong and increasing in numbers. It is such a blessing to have brick classrooms for all our children and even a science laboratory for our secondary school.

Currently we are working to get our preschool classes up and going for our little ones. We currently have over 40 children crowded into 1 classroom, which makes learning difficult amid all the noise. As you can imagine our 3 and 4 year old children can be very distracting for our kindergarten children when they are all together for learning.

We still need to raise $21,950 to complete 3 preschool classrooms and an office. This will also include digging and building a new latrine that is suitable for the little children and rebuilding their playground. It's a big job but we know with your help we can see this accomplished. So far, with your help we have raised $9,050 for this project!

The preschool classrooms will give us a good start in educating the children who are living in our care and will give a chance to those who live in our community.