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Shalom Christian Missions

November 2021 Newsletter


We constantly Praise God for what he is doing here in a very remote part of the world. Miracles happen every day. Read through for a glimpse of what HE is doing.

Currently we have over 300 children attending our elementary and high school. We have 6 students attending colleges and universities and more waiting to attend in early 2022. We have hired several of our former students which is a huge blessing. One is teaching in our high school. One is teaching in our elementary school. One is working in our kitchen. Another is handling our supply rooms. And many others serve as interns in various areas of our center.

We were excited to hear about one of our students finishing his university as one of the top in the whole university. This is a changed life!! This is what a sponsor can do!! Without your help this child would not have had a future. He has invited me to come to his graduation next year. I WILL BE THERE!! You will hear more about this young man in the future. ALL GLORY TO GOD!! 

During this past year we have worked hard to change our management style at the center. We have created a Leadership Team as opposed to a director being in charge. Our goal is to spread the responsibility to many of those who work at the center. We are holding weekly ZOOM meetings with our Leadership Team. This is really keeping things in the open and moving forward. 

Teaching Core Values That Develop Trust

We have started teaching core values to our staff and our children. Our #1 core value:

Honesty + Integrity + Transparency = Trust.

From Proverbs 10:9, "Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out." This TOPS our list when hiring and promoting and we are seeing some real changes come to our staff through special training as well. Our goal is to see New Beginnings become a city on the hill that will help transform Kenya.  

Please keep us in prayer as we go through this time of change and growth. God is really moving. We are so grateful to one of our missionaries who has been working to train all of us on this new system of leadership. PRAISE GOD!! 

We are preparing to build our new preschool building as I write this. Your prayers have made a tremendous difference. We were delayed on the Kenya side but can now proceed with the building. We PRAISE GOD for every donation that was given to make this possible. Soon our youngest children will have the space they need and nice classrooms to learn in. Watch our Facebook page for more updates.

Currently we have some pressing issues in need of funding. In 2011, our original mud house was built to house our missionaries, and later became a home for our female staff and interns. A termite infestation has damaged it to the verge of collapse and we had to choose between tearing it down or replacing it with brick. We have decided to replace and expand it since we have many more female staff than before. Our goal is to expand this house to include 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a sitting room. This will give our female staff a much nicer place to live. The cost to do all of this will be about $10,000. We need prayers to make this happen in a short amount of time.

Another pressing issue is bringing electricity to our center. Currently we depend entirely on solar. While that is good, it becomes a challenge during the rainy season. Solar power also limits us greatly in what we can do. With our goal to start a computer training center in the near future, solar power will not meet our energy needs. We have someone approved by the power company, to do the job, but funds are currently holding us up. We will need about $10,000 to get our center on the electric grid. 

We have a team preparing to join us in January 2022. Please keep them in prayer for finances, planning, no covid/mandate issues, open hearts, and for a move of God. 

Please continue to pray for those whom God is calling to go to overcome ANY obstacles that the enemy might have put in place to stop them. If you feel God might be calling you to join our team, contact us and/or visit our Missions page. There is still space on both our January and July teams for 2022.

We would be honored to share with you in person about what God is doing to care for orphans and widows in a remote part of Africa. Contact us to set a date. We are excited for those who are reaching out to us. Keep the prayers going for these open doors.

Ways to Support our Mission


It is that time of year again when we are collecting for school shoes and socks, uniforms, and textbooks for our schools. We need approximately $25 per child to purchase shoes, socks, and uniforms. You can give as much or as little as you want to help us reach our $5,000 goal. Donate here through PayPal or mail a check to:

Shalom Christian Missions
1255 Mill Creek Rd,
York, PA 17404

Thank you for blessing our children this holiday season!

Donations Needed

Soccer Uniforms
We could still use shorts for our soccer uniforms in black or purple. Any size especially adult sizes small and medium are needed.

We are still collecting undergarments. Our greatest need is for bras and camisoles (with the inner bra). We also need PJ's. These can be new or gently used. Our girls really appreciate these and put them to good use.

Prayer Partners

Please continue your prayers for our ministry to the orphans of Kenya. If you or your church are not currently on our Prayer Warriors list, contact us so that we can be sure to add you. We have weekly prayer requests going out. We have also started something new - gathering for a time of fellowship and prayer. We would be honored to come to your location, whether it is at your home or church, for a gathering. They are just very blessed times and we appreciate them so much. Let us know if you would like to schedule a gathering!

Mission Expedition 2022

Our January team is now in full preparation mode. Please keep them in prayer for finances, covid/mandate issues, smooth planning, open hearts and God's blessings. We are really excited to have you join us on the hill. There is still a little time if God is calling YOU to join the team in January. 

Spend your days immersed in the culture and lives of the children who call New Beginnings Children's Center HOME.

Show the love of Jesus to a remote community through home visits to their modest mud houses while taking supplies to the poorest widows.

Change their lives AND change your life...FOREVER!

2022 Winter Trip Dates

January 23 - February 6, 2022* (2 weeks) $1500 + airline ticket
January 9 -  February 6, 2022* (1 month) $2000 + airline ticket

2022 Summer Trip

Our summer team is starting to form. Tentative Dates for these teams are:

July 24-August 7, 2022 (2 weeks) $1500 + airline ticket
July 9-August 7 (1 month) $2000 + airline ticket

Visit our Missions page for more details or to download an application. You can also call us at 717-586-6945 for more information.
* Currently there are no vaccines needed to travel to Kenya.

Travel as a group OR travel alone and make new friends who will serve with you.
Discounts for leaders (of groups of 10 or more) and we do all the training/planning. Make plans to bring your whole group. Must be 13 or older to travel without a parent or guardian.
Set up the dates NOW while there is plenty of space open.

Can't make these dates? Contact us for other dates. This is a unique opportunity to experience life in a very remote part of the world. 
Don't pass it up!


For those who would like to spend a month or more with us, you can request to come as an intern. Interns will be assigned a specific job to do while you are at New Beginnings. Must be over 18 years of age to apply as an intern. Find details at our Long-term Missions page or
contact our office for details!

Child of the Month - Novella


Novella is about 13 and was rescued by our children's office after a life of extreme abuse. She struggles to learn as a result. She needs to find a sponsor.  Learn how to sponsor Novella here!

News from New Beginnings

Primary & Secondary School News

We are excited to report that we have well over 300 students total in both our schools. We have changed our strategy and are now focused on bringing in the best teachers we can find to help our children succeed academically. We are excited for what God is doing in the lives of these children. Join us as a school supporter to make this possible for our children.

Last year's students finished the 2020 school year in July 2021, and the 2021 year started about a week later. The 2021 school year will run until March of 2022. Then the new 2022 school year will commence shortly after that and run until December 2022. This will put them back on target for a normal January - November 2023 school year. Pray for all of our students and staff as they work hard to reach their goals.  

Our school is growing by leaps and bounds!

Project Development News

We have been working to reach our goal for our new preschool classrooms. We are almost there and are even looking at the future with some new pressing issues that we need your help to achieve. Check below for what is needed.

Our mud house in need of major repair

Estimated need for our preschool: Phase IV
Building for their future!

Preschool                          _        Total       _      Donated            Balance needed_____
Classroom 1                               $7,000              $7,000           Awaiting Construction
Classroom 2                               $7,000              $7,000           Awaiting Construction
Classroom 3                               $7,000              $7,000           Awaiting Construction
Office, tables, etc.                      $7,000               $2,000                  $5,000
Bath house and water tank         $3,000              $3,000                Completed               
                                                   $31,000           $26,000                 $5,000

Special thank you to all who have donated to help build our preschool. With your help, we have almost completed this phase of our building. We can't do it without YOU!

Building for their future
Renovations and Upgrades            Total                Donated             Balance needed__
Staff Housing for female staff    $10,000                  0                       $10,000
Electricity for the center             $10,000                  0                       $10,000
Computer Lab                             $15,000                  0                       $15,000
Vehicle                                        $30,000                  0                       $30,000_______
                                                    $65,000                  0                       $65,000

Any size donation to our Building Fund will help us reach our goal. Donate TODAY!

"Now may He who supplies seed to the sower, and bread for food, supply and
multiply the seed you have sown and increase the fruits of your righteousness."
2 Corinthians 9:10

Please join us in praying for finances for this project!

College/University Scholarship Program - The Next Step Program

Currently we have 6 students in colleges/universities throughout Kenya plus several who are serving as interns at New Beginnings as they prepare to go to colleges in 2022. Our scholarship program is a great way to invest in advancing a student's education past high school. You can give to help a certain student or donate to help any who are waiting. Currently those attending on first year scholarships are Afline, Martha, George, Bruce, Nicholas, and Robert. Octave and Kevin are serving at New Beginnings until their school year begins in 2022.

Sometimes our high school graduates contact us when they find themselves in great need of help to go the Next Step. Some who finish our program have found jobs or have family that will help them get to the next step, but sometimes our graduates really need just that extra hand up.

We have decided to start a new scholarship program to help these students. This is our Next Step Program. These formerly sponsored students come to serve our center as interns so that we can begin to train them and see if they are serious about this decision. Then we help them go on to colleges to help them move forward.

If you would like to give to help these graduates, your one-time or monthly donation of any size will make it possible. Currently we have several young adults working toward their goals. If you would like to help them, I know it would be greatly appreciated. Donate here and select 'College/University Scholarship Fund' to help a young person achieve their goals!


UPDATE: Jane is now attending a school to get her diploma in Social Work. She is just finishing her 1st year. She is so grateful for the help she has received to start her first year. She is still in need of support to see her the rest of the way through. Thank you for giving a hand up.


UPDATE:  Sharon is now in a college studying to become an accountant. This is a dream she almost gave up but is now seeing it come true. Thanks for giving Sharon a hand up.


Susan finished our program with a certificate in food and beverage. She spent some time working in Nairobi. The big city did not really appeal to her and she later returned to our area and has struggled to find permanent employment. She is currently serving in our kitchen. She hopes to further her education in food and beverage. 


Felix finished high school and was able to finish a semester of college and then was unable to go further. He worked as a bartender and then in fishing but realized he was going nowhere. He is currently serving as an intern at New Beginnings and hopes to further his education possibly in business management. 

Children in Need

Currently we have many children living at New Beginnings who have come in as emergency cases through our children's office. These children can use either a partial or a full sponsor to remain in our program. We need your help to find them sponsors. Visit our Sponsorship page to view more children in need.

Please share this great need with your family and friends.

Meet Nicholas!

Nicholas is a total orphan and in 4th grade. Nicholas is in need of help! Learn more about becoming his sponsor here!

Meet Emmaculate!


Emmaculate is 5. Her father is disabled and unable to help put her in school. She needs help. Learn more about sponsoring Emmaculate here!

A child is praying...are you the answer?
100% of all sponsor donations go to help the children.

"..when you did it to the least of were doing it to me!" Matthew 25:40

If you would like to sponsor a child, please visit our Sponsorship page to see which children have been praying and waiting for YOU! 

If you do not wish to sponsor through Paypal you can instead let us know which child you'd like to sponsor and send a personal check to our address:
Shalom Christian Missions
1255 Mill Creek Rd
York, PA 17404

You can BE THE DIFFERENCE in the life of a child!

Shalom Christian Missions is a 501(c)3 non- profit organization,
dedicated to serving children in need throughout the world.
All donations are tax deductible.

Special Thanks to our Supporters:

A & R Rental Center - York, PA
Ann Downing Ministries - Hendersonville, TN
Crestline UMC Children - Crestline, OH
Crestline UMC - Crestline, OH
Eagle Christian Ministries - York, PA
Elisha's Home and Ministries - Montrose, PA
First Baptist Church - Smithville, TX
First Evangelical Lutheran Church Youth - Chambersburg, PA
Hametown Associates - Glen Rock, PA
Harvest Chapel Children's Ministry - Abbottstown, PA
Kirkland Electric - Wedowee, AL
Mansfield Christian School - Mansfield, OH
Trinity Lutheran Church - Crestline, OH
Zion Bible Church - York, PA

We would like to add your business or ministry to our list! Contact us TODAY!
May God bless you as you pray and give to help the children!

Donations may be made through PayPal
or you may send your donation to:

Shalom Christian Missions
1255 Mill Creek Rd
York, PA 17404
(717) 586-6945